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Corekoin Investment Limited are a group of enthusiastic people which aims to work towards the development and expansion of Cryptocurrency worldwide with digital asset management.Corekoin Investment Ltd itself resembles the meaning of the it’s the basic substance in which we are dealing that is the Cryptocurrency, the most important among all is the core content. Our knowledge about the coins encourages us to support the mankind.


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We give profits on business days i.e. from Monday to Friday which includes the principal on your deposits. Currently we accept the payment with 5 modes – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Advcash, Perfect Money & Payeer. As per the market demand now we have added 2 more plans for short terms. Why to wait for 16 days till you get you profits!!

Core Plan - Invest $100 and get $144 in 12 business days.

Koin Plan - Invest $100 and get $125 after 3 business days.

Corekoin Plan - Invest $100 and get $150 after 5 business days.

12% Daily For 12 Business Days
Core Plan

$10.00 - $20000.00

125% after 3 Business Days
Koin Plan

$100.00 - $200000.00 125%

150% after 5 Business Days
Corekoin Plan

$100.00 - $20000.00 150%



Our Daily Update


Its sheer delight to see the response to our newly launched plans.

The plans were such devised that each and every investor should get the maximum return on their Investment and we are committed to give the returns to all our valuable investors for not only investing your money but also your faith in us. WE VALUE IT. we also understand that market is going through a difficult phase and it needs a very calculative mechanism and expertise to earn on your money. So do not worry and invest in the best available plans of corekoin and multiply your money.

Remember, Games are won by those players, who focus on the playing field, not by those, whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard. To know the game, be in the game.

Happy Investment..


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